Save money. Live more comfortably. Protect the planet. There goals are all possible with sprayed cork wall, ceiling, and roof coatings.

ThermaShield’s specially formulated cork spray products are now available in the Phoenix area. Our products are ideal for anyone who wants to improve the energy efficiency of their building, while cutting costs and embracing green building techniques.

The Many Benefits of Cork Coatings

Our certified technicians can apply ThermaShield’s sprayed cork products to a wide variety of building materials. In fact, we can apply sprayed cork to shingles and bricks. Whether it’s used indoors or outdoors, cork spray provides an incredible range of benefits.

    • Acoustic Insulation: Sprayed cork can reduce noise by up to 18 decibels.
    • Fire Retardant: Cork is a natural flame inhibitor. Plus, it won’t release incandescent particles.
    • Flexible: Cork can be compressed or bent without breakage.
    • Hypoallergenic: Cork isn’t known to trigger allergic reactions.
    • Lightweight: Processed cork spray contains 80% air. Thus, it is extremely lightweight, with a density of 0.12 to 0.24 quarts per pound.
    • Mildew Resistant: Cork spray resists the proliferation of mold and mildew spores.
    • Thermal Insulator: Cork reduces the burden on HVAC systems by inhibiting heat transfer.
    • Waterproof: Cork can protect your building from leaks and water damage.

    Cork’s Superior Energy Efficiency

    Are the fire retardant and acoustic insulating properties not enough to convince you to make the switch to cork? If so, just take a look at its energy efficiency. Cork is, in fact, a natural thermal barrier.

    As a result of its structure, cork is an extremely poor conductor of heat. Thus, it is a superior building product.

    Without a doubt, cork spray protects homes and offices from the scorching summer sun in Phoenix. In fact, cork’s lack of conductivity and its internal structure make it 30 times more resistant to heat than concrete. Plus, it offers the following benefits:

      • Cork cannot freeze. In addition, it won’t reach a temperature higher than 86 degrees F.
      • Sprayed cork can cut the energy usage of a typical home or business by up to 50%.
      • Buildings that lack ThermaShield sprayed cork products lose 25% of their heat and coolness through their roofs, plus 35% through their walls.

      Here’s Why Cork Is Eco-Friendly

      Unlike many building materials, the production of cork doesn’t harm the source of the material. After all, no cork tree is ever cut down to harvest the material. In fact, cork oak forests benefit from far better protections than many other forests. Here’s a snapshot of the cork harvesting process:

      • Cork oaks are first harvested at the age of maturity, which is around 25 years.
      • They can be re-harvested every eight to nine years, when the cork regrows.
      • Each time the cork is harvested, the quality improves.
      • Harvested cork oaks live longer than their non-harvested counterparts—well over 200 years!
      • Harvesting cork releases oxygen into the environment.

      We invite residential and commercial building owners in the Phoenix, AZ, area to learn more about the transformative benefits of sprayed cork. Contact the team at ThermaShield today to request your free consultation.

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