ThermaShield is a company built on innovation and fueled by an enduring commitment to do right by the planet. After all, there is only one Earth. Protecting it for future generations requires companies and individuals to build with an eye toward sustainability. Join us on our mission to build smarter, and to build for the future.


Our Mission


All companies and people have a carbon footprint. It’s comprised of the total amount of greenhouse gases released during the course of one’s daily activities. As such, your carbon footprint gets bigger every time you drive a fossil fuel-burning car, take a hot shower, or turn on the air conditioner.


Here at ThermaShield, we’re on a mission to reduce our own carbon footprint and to help homeowners and business owners reduce theirs. ThermaShield accomplishes this by manufacturing a unique formulation of sprayed cork products that act as superior thermal barriers. These help to block the transfer of hot and cold air.


When you choose our sprayed cork for your home or office building, you can feel confident that you’re reducing your carbon footprint by improving your building’s energy efficiency. With greater energy efficiency comes a reduction in energy consumption. It’s our mission to encourage residential and commercial building owners to join our commitment to building a better world. Together, we can make a considerable impact on our shared carbon footprint.


A Commitment to Sustainability


Energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction aren’t our only goals. ThermaShield is a cutting-edge manufacturer. As a result, we believe in the importance of sustainably sourcing building products. Natural cork is unlike any other material available. We process it, but we don’t create it. It comes to us naturally from the outer bark of the cork oak tree (Quercus suber).


Cork oaks grow in the northern Mediterranean region in Europe and North Africa.  The cork oak tree has a lifespan of over 200 years. Once a tree reaches the age of maturity (typically 25 years old), specially trained cork harvesters carefully harvest its bark by hand. Each cork oak tree can be harvested every nine years. This means cork is a renewable resource. Harvesting cork never depletes the forests, and in fact, cork oak trees are federally protected in Portugal—the world’s top producer.


Cork building products aren’t just another trend in the construction field. The truth is that they represent a movement toward building a better future and a healthier planet. Join ThermaShield in our efforts to put naturally energy-efficient sprayed cork products throughout every building. Complimentary consultations are available in Phoenix.

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