Your customers deserve quality products at affordable prices. In Phoenix, AZ, one of the top concerns is reducing energy costs during the scorching hot summers. With ThermaShield’s specially formulated sprayed cork products, you can exceed your customers’ expectations.

Cork Delivers Exceptional Energy Efficiency

In nature, cork protects the cork oak tree from temperature fluctuations and other weather-related extremes. Homeowners and commercial building owners can enjoy those same protective benefits with ThermaShield’s sprayed cork roof and wall coatings. As an insulator, cork is second to none. In fact, its compact, foam-like cellular structure blocks heat transfer. As a result, it can keep buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Key Benefits of Sprayed Cork

Energy efficiency is a strong selling point. This is especially true as increasing numbers of homeowners and business owners become more aware of the importance of environmental responsibility. However, that’s not the only reason why contractors choose sprayed cork for their building projects:

  • Lightweight Material

You can apply sprayed cork as a roof coating. You can also use it on interior and exterior walls. In either case, cork avoids placing undue stress on the building. This is because 80% of its volume is air.

  • Sustainably Sourced

Above all, ThermaShield is committed to sustainability. Sprayed cork is a natural product harvested from the outer bark of cork oak trees. It isn’t necessary to kill or harm the tree to harvest the cork. In fact, each tree can be harvested every nine years throughout its mature lifespan (200+ years!).

  • Resistant to Fire

Structural fires can be devastating. However, sprayed cork may mitigate the effects of fires. In fact, cork is naturally resistant to flames.

  • Lasts for Years

Cork is a naturally durable material. In fact, when an object strikes the surface, the force is dispersed throughout the surrounding tissues. As a result, the coating is able to remain resilient.

  • Range of Applications

It’s possible to apply sprayed cork directly to metal, stucco, concrete, and brick, as well as a range of other materials.

Examine the Cellular Structure of Cork

Heat resistant product demonstration video

The cellular structure of cork has been fascinating scientists for centuries. These plant cells lack the thick walls and joints you’ll find in animal cells. Instead, cork cells feature tubes that seamlessly connect the adjacent cells. As you can see in this featured video, the result of cork’s unique cellular structure is exceptionally low heat conductivity. As a result, Arizona homes and commercial buildings that feature sprayed cork coatings can stay cooler under the hot summer sun.

Contractors in the Phoenix, AZ, area love our sprayed cork products. This is because of the great value they deliver at affordable price points. Get in touch with ThermaShield today for more information.

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